Say ``YES!`` to all role plays

The methods of teaching at our club were developed by professionals. Every staff member does a specific job. In our republic, every child can be a part of our developing, creative and entertaining team games without the presence or participation of their parents. All the games, plays and readings will be guided in three languages. The children will be able to make friends with other children from different cultures.

Our staff members believe that every child should develop intellectually, emotionally and physically. Learning by playing is what leads YES! Republic.

The intellectual and entertaining activities at YES! Republic are:



At the science corner, the children will explore the science world, doing various scientific experiments. Our doctors will discover new things every time, learning how to give First Aid, study biology, etc.


Professional kitchen

A place our children dream of is the kitchen. In our professional kitchen, every child's yet another dream will come true. Our children will make cupcakes, sweets, pizzas, salads, and will have the chance to take them home and share with relatives.


Art Academy

Art helps a child to develop his or her imagination and be more attentive to what is beautiful. It is impossible to resist the variety of colours and products when stepping into our Art Academy.


YES! Theatre

The kids will have a chance to be a part of our plays, try different roles and gain some acting skills.


”Pop Corn” Cinema

In our republic the children can watch their favorite movies and cartoons, eating popcorn made by themselves.


YES! Ceramic Studio

For the first time in Armenia, YES! Ceramic Studio is offering master classes. All the products used during this class are natural. Any idea of a child will become a reality and have a completely original look. The figures and dishes made by the children will be the best and the most creative gift.



At YES! Republic is not just a combination of colorful cubes that you can make a house. Lego is a world, where every child will become the driver of the truck and the architect of the building that they make themselves. Lego is the best way to develop a child’s creativity, geometrical skills and mathematical knowledge.


About Us

YES! Republic is a kids' club where other game rules apply, where the child becomes the master of his own kitchen, his own studio and his own imagination.



28 Isahakyan street,Yerevan, Armenia,0009



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