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YES! Republic is an intellectual kids’ club for children from 3 to 13, here every kid tries on different roles that will only be reachable for them in the adult world. The rules of the game are completely different here. The child is the master of his own kitchen, his studio and his imagination. The will to try, create and construct meets one answer, “YES!”

Say “YES” to all role plays!

Yes Republic team did his best to create a place where our children can spend their leisure time not only in a happy, funny, educational but also safe and comfortable. Our club was build with non-toxic and anti-bacterial chemicals and dyes.

Yes Republic team is guided by the following principles:

Loyalty and friendship
Attention and care
Consistency and care
Cooperation and teamwork.

The methods of teaching at our club were developed by professionals. Every staff member does a specific job. In our republic, every child can be a part of our developing, creative and entertaining team games without the presence or participation of their parents. All the games, plays and readings will be conducted in three languages. The children will be able to make friends with other children from different cultures.
The working hours of our club, from 2.00 pm to 11.00 pm, are one of the most important advantages.

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About Us

YES! Republic is a kids' club where other game rules apply, where the child becomes the master of his own kitchen, his own studio and his own imagination.



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